A church reading

So today, two of my wonderful friends have asked if I would do a reading at their wedding in church in front of over 100 guests. Of course at first I was simply thrilled and flattered that they would ask me. The next morning, however, it sunk in that the pressure was on. Being in the wedding industry myself, I couldn’t help but think people would expect even more from me. So that very day, brain storming began.

Now, ive chose to write a blog about this, as I am certainly sure, that I am not the only person to feel a panic over this. I have planned weddings, I have planned many things, however this for me was a nerve wracking thing. And I am not one for nerves, ever! I felt research was key (like everything) so I began to search the internet for ideas. Im a lover of poems, all poems, so I decided straight away that’s the route I would go down. So after copy and pasting 100’s into word and re-reading them I couldn’t find many appropriate. I didn’t want anything mushy, I didn’t want anything too long and I didn’t want anything too short. It couldn’t be rude, it was a church! However i do believe laughter is the key to everything, so I wanted to create something a tad tongue in cheek.

After taking the shells of two poems I liked, putting them together, changing the words, deleting lots of bits and re-adding more lines. I was pleased. I realised that it was rather sarcastic and very personal to my friends so then my mind went into over time thinking the vicar wouldn’t agree to my reading. Luckily he was super nice and agreed I could read it.

On the day I realised writing this poem was the easy bit. Reading it out loud, was the hard bit. With a dry mouth, shaking hands, I was sat there realising I needed the loo, I hadn’t gone before id left the house and I didn’t have any water or a mint with me. Why was I so unprepared? I am NEVER unprepared. This was not me. But I guess I don’t prepare things for me, I am used to curing other people’s nerves. I was always sympathetic towards the nervous dads preparing for their speeches, as well as the grooms and the always tipsy best men, but now my sympathies know no bounds.

Luckily I read it, without slipping up, falling over or dropping it. I had a few compliments but mainly my friends were thrilled. So for those out there that feel like this, I hope ive made you feel less alone.

I thought I would post the wedding poem too, just incase it may help someone else with writing one –


‘Finally the day has come for you to be husband and wife

A huge big send off, into married life


You have stuck together through thick and thin

When your minds have been a mess and your heads in a spin

When the planes been delayed Roz missed the last train

When life has threatened to drive you both insane

When your coffee is too cool, and your wine is too warm

When the forecast said ‘fine’ but your caught in a storm

When the jeans that you bought in hope or in haste

Just stick on your hips and don’t reach your waist

When you’ve acted like fools, or got the flu

When you’re in stew, or last in the queue

When the food you like most makes you all puffy

Elliot’s love still remains even if your being huffy


You are both full of love and make such a great pair

You love Elliot more and more despite the less hair

It’s a brand new beginning, a new chapter about to start

Im sure we will have trouble prizing you apart

With many moments ahead to cherish and treasure

I am sure it’ll bring all your loved ones much pleasure


From this very moment when you whisper ‘I do’

Wishing you all the luck and for your dreams to come true

May success find its way to your hearts

Today is the day Mr & Mrs Hathorn starts’