Training with UKAWP

I am so excited to start Blossom Big and become a wedding and event planner. This weekend training with UKAWP has proven I face a lot of hard work ahead. However, I am up for the challenge. If anything this has made me a lot more determined than ever before. One of our tasks during the training was to find out the three words our friends and family would use to describe us. I had a few varied answers but the general consensus was strong, thoughtful and dependable. All of which I feel are qualities that will carry me through into being a successful business woman and wedding and event planner. Ultimately the reason behind my decision of becoming a wedding planner is because of the love I have for weddings, my passion for organising and making people happy. My other big love is for dachshunds but I don’t believe this point would necessarily sell me to potential clients.

When I become a professional within the industry I do believe I would make a real difference to many couples. I would be playing a huge part in their lives, after all, I shall be organising the biggest day they could possibly have as a couple and this is something I look forward to the most. Seeing that magical moment when they become married.

Training with UKAWP has proven even more so why I intend to become a wedding planner, I had a fantastic weekend, and met some wonderful women. Here’s to us, and our successful futures. xx