Amy & Rob’s wedding

Amy & Rob contacted Blossom Big at the end of June regarding some help with their wedding which was booked for the 13th of September. Amy & Rob both live in Shoreditch and it was also where all 3 of their wedding venue’s would be. So that is also where we had our first meeting. The ceremony had been booked for Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel, the wedding breakfast would be held at Mr Buckley’s where the couple had exclusively hired out the restaurant then lastly the wedding reception had been booked at The Book Club.

They needed lots of help from Blossom Big mainly for on the day, with 3 different venues to contend with, there would be a lot to do, and they just simply wouldn’t be able to do it themselves. So we helped Amy and Rob with the final 3 months of planning to get as much preparation as possible. We contacted all their suppliers to advise them of our details and that we were to be contacted going forward. We helped come up with ideas for the gift table, we put together the confetti stands, we helped Amy choose two readings for the ceremony. We went to meet the staff at The Book Club as this was the venue that needed the biggest transformation. We needed to hire champagne flutes, discuss the live band set up, food and décor. We also put together a personalised cocktail for all guest on arrival plus a bespoke bar menu. The evening buffet was bagels from the famous bagel shop, along with some salt beef and other fillings. Which I would need to collect just before the guests arrived. We ordered crates to present these in and an old fashioned box for cutlery. We also couldn’t forget the butter and mustard – of course!! The club toilets needed a bit of work too, so I gave some suggestions to Amy of some things that would make them look more attractive. And made note myself to bring some nice smelling cleaning products!

After getting some quotes for hiring glass wear, and chatting with Rob and Amy we decided it was too expensive, in particular the delivery to London on a Sunday. So I found ikea had a huge stock of them and it actually worked out cheaper to purchase them, so that’s what we decided to do.

The manager of Mr Buckley’s is a good friend of the couple so it helped that he wanted everything to be as perfect for them as I did. The favours and name tags were a 2 in 1. They were polaroid photos of that certain guest either with Amy and Rob, attached to a heart photo stand. So the guests could easily find there place but also take the photo home as a memory of the wedding.

I drove to Amy & Rob’s house on the Saturday to collect all the bits they had. I decided if I had everything neither of them would need to worry about anything Sunday morning, and I certainly didn’t want anyone to have to drop anything off anywhere. En route home, I stopped off at Amy’s relative’s house, who had made the cake. It smelt and looked amazing. I would have to put it together on the day and transport it there myself – there is no pressure like cake pressure!!!!

Sunday morning arrived and I made my way to London at 6:30am. Arriving at the book club everything was unloaded and the cleaning commenced. I lit candles in the toilets straight away and cleaned them, swept the floors, rearranged all the furniture exactly how Amy and Rob would like it – making room for an extra-large dance floor and a cosy area for people to relax. Along with a cake table and buffet table. They had, had some amazing personalised posters made of them, so I masked the wall’s with these – fab idea! All the food and prosecco was set in the large fridge. The glasses had already been pre washed and stickers peeled off. I lined the front window of club with ‘wedding today’ posters which looked really cool.

Our props then arrived, we hired two props from ‘Hey Style’ a large light up sign for the book club at the entrance and a table plan for Mr Buckleys. After they were in the club and down the stairs safely I made my way over to Mr Buckleys, we arranged the tables, placed the name tags and hung the table plan. This restaurant is intimate and cool and didn’t need a great deal of work. I had done what I could for now. I then headed back to the book club to set more things up, all the girly bits in the toilets, hair pins and deodorant etc. Set up the buffet table ready for the bagels, cleaned the football table and arranged more chairs, set up vases and candles so everything was in place. Then the live band arrived to set up which I helped with.

It was then time to head back to Mr Buckley’s to check everything was set up and ready. It all looked perfect and the staff were ready to go. I then set off to Bethnal green town hall to collect the flowers from there to use at The book Club. I caught the big red bus leaving with the wedding party just as I arrived, it was great to see them and wave them on their way. The flowers were stunning so I packed them away, collected the remaining confetti and off I went back the book club. The flowers finished everything off and looked great. I then set up the gift table using old cases, some remaining confetti, fun bride and groom pens, guest book and some lovely photos of the lovely couples parents on their wedding day, finished off with a poster with the # for their guests to use on Instagram.

My second delivery of the day arrived on time of cheesecakes, the dessert for the evening buffet – perfect. It was then time to get back on the road and head to the bagel shop, luckily the man was kind enough in there to help me carry the lorry the load of bagels back to my car!

After a quick brief with the band, DJ, bar staff and manager back at the book club it was time to set up the cake!!!! I placed all 3 tiers and they looked great, placed the fruit to decorate and it looked fantastic. Then it was a quick change and time to prep the arrival cocktails.

The wedding party arrived and the place was full, everyone enjoying their cocktails and music. After an hour, I announced the couple’s first dance – they couldn’t have looked any happier. I got the food warmed up and laid everything out. I was also the glass collector to avoid any accidents. The bagels vanished before my eyes, so I then presented the cheese cakes which were equally as popular.

Around 11 o’clock I slipped off – the guests were suitably drunk and the dance floor was packed. My work there was done! Blossom Big says it every time but this really was one of our favourite weddings 🙂


(Check out Amy & Rob’s photo’s in our gallery)