Lucy’s baby shower

Yesterday was the day of Lucy’s baby shower, the second baby shower I have planned for Lucy. Being the second baby shower makes it all the more challenging, as the same guests will be attending, and we wouldn’t do anything the same as before. As like last time, Lucy and her husband have left it as a surprise to find out if they have a baby boy or girl on the way.

At Lucy’s first shower, it was held in their fabulous garden, we had great weather, lots of games, a BBQ and a blue and pink theme. This time, the lovely family have just moved to a new home, Lucy is still working, and of course they already have a little one at home as well as everything else. So my first discussion with Lucy was to advise they we should hire somewhere, although I would do everything for her, holding the shower at the home, would just be too much. Thankfully, Lucy agreed.

Finding a venue was straight forward, with their home town being Leigh-on-sea there are some fabulous places to use. We hired out Lucy’s favourite restaurant not far from the sea front. This time we decided on a lemon theme being neutral and also nice and bright.

Invitations were sent to all the guests. Flowers were ordered, yellow gerberas, jip, yellow roses, and foliage. Jars were prepped with cream lace, and lemon ribbon. Balloons were ordered, clear with yellow feathers in, and personalised writing in yellow, pretty yellow weights in shape of a baby shoe were also ordered. Lots of cupcakes, chocolate and vanilla with lemon and cream icing. Games were planned and prepped, from dummy necklaces threaded with yellow ribbon, measure the bump, attributes and more. Prizes for the winners were purchased and wrapped and held in a beautiful personalised sack with ‘Lucy’s baby shower’ on the front.

We had food tasting at the venue, and a gorgeous buffet was chosen as well as personalised cocktails for her guests on arrival. I created a little homemade photo booth in the corner of the restaurant, with a pretty back drop, some baby shower props, and a big frame which I sprayed lemon, we used Lucy’s polaroid camera so the guests could print one to keep for themselves and another for Lucy to keep as a keep sake.

The vocal point of the venue was the large gift table, with a white linen floor length cloth and a pretty glitter lemon table runner through the middle, her sister had advised me she was making a big, beautiful nappy cake within theme which looked perfect next to the cupcakes on their pretty stand. I placed the jars of flowers on all the other tables along with pretty floral candles which smelled divine.

On the day of the shower, I like my ladies to relax, they often like to come early and offer to ‘help out’ but I always tell them to arrive 15 minutes before the guests just so they can have a look at everything properly and take it all in. When Lucy arrived, she didn’t know where to look first and she was overwhelmed with the colour and all the little touches. The games went down a storm and the afternoon flew by. All in all it was a huge success and Lucy was beaming.

Blossom Big is super excited for Lucy and her family and we cant wait to hear the details once the baby is born. xx