A wedding planners saving tips

At Blossom Big, we want our brides and grooms to have the big day they’ve always dreamed off and not have to be limited due to their budget. So we thought we would share a few of our tips on how to cut costs, whether you hire a planner or not. At Blossom Big we have our suppliers that we work closely with and any savings from them, is past directly onto our clients. However, this isn’t the only way to save money –

Our favourite tip to save money on flowers, is to reuse the brides and bridesmaids bouquets. More often than not, once the bridal party arrives at the reception venue/wedding breakfast they aren’t sure what to do with their bouquets. They are often placed laying down on a table or even under the bridesmaids chair’s. So we always advise our brides to buy some empty vases that are suitable for their bouquets. You can even have this as your top table display with the brides bouquet being centre and then the bridesmaids either side, inbetween some candle holders this can look beautiful. Or if you are set on a top table display you love , then you can place vases on the gift table and the bouquets can go in there adding something extra to your display. Or even the cake table? Ive also been known to put a bouquet in the ladies toilets, especially when you have a lot of bridesmaids, you may aswell use the bouquets in every way you can, decorating the loo’s for your guests and helping them smell nice. You could also place them at each end of the bar…. The options are endless. Also an extra factor is that the flowers will also be in water so this will keep them fresh, so when you and your bridesmaids take them home they will last longer.

We also think using items from home is a great cost saving idea. Whether you have some pretty decorative things at home to put on your gift table, be it a candelabra, your favourite framed photos, bird cages, lanterns, candles, table runners or tributes. Even if you have beautiful piece of furniture, maybe a lovely table you’d like to place the cake on to make it really stand out and look different? Or you’d like a seating area but have no money in the budget to hire, why not use your own garden furniture? If you are going for a vintage look and are in love with flowers in jars, and bunting etc. Then why not save your own jars at home? Even ask your friends and family to save them too? This look, looks better when the jars are odd, and all different shapes and sizes. It is cheap and easy to decorate them yourself too, and this way you can make them exactly as you would like. If you have other vases at home that you love too, why not use them aswell? Will save hiring more vases from the florist!!

Cake!! Of course a 4 tier beautifully decorated cake is lovely. However, Blossom Big has planned a wedding before, where there has been no cake at all!!!! The bride & groom were insistent on paying for drinks all day themselves, they didn’t want their guests to have to dip into their own pockets. So some sacrifices were made. We discussed, when at a wedding what would you prefer, some more wine, or a slice of cake? Majority would say – the wine. So at their request there was no cake and instead the money went behind the bar. Not one single guest noticed that there wasn’t a cake! Also ask yourself, when you go to weddings, do you often take a slice of cake? Believe it or not, sadly, cake is often wasted.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we think cakes are beautiful and traditional, however if you are on a tight budget this option could be worth considering. Or even if you had cupcakes? Or cupcakes with one tier? You will only need to cater for half of your guests, as chances are they will be too busy enjoying themselves on the dance floor.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to call on favours from your family and friends. Amongst a crowd there is sure to be some talented people you could use in one way or another. Relatives and friends like to feel like they are contributing and are helping make your big day extra special, so never be afraid to ask. Especially your bridesmaids, after all that is their duty 🙂