A helping hand with table plans.

A bride and groom often say one of the hardest things they have to do during the planning of their wedding is the table plan. So here at Blossom Big we have a few detailed tips to make life easier –

Arts and crafts! Create your seating. You just need some plain paper, scissors and a pen. Cut out 10 circles (or however many tables you plan on having) and 100 squares (or however many guest you have) Write each guest a name tag and lay out your tables. Laying things out this way helps visualise things a lot easier. You can pick names up and move them as many times as you like. This is much better than writing lists, and saves getting into a muddle.

Once decided on your seating plan, write down the name of each table on the circles and take a photo.  This means you won’t ever have to do it again! You have the photo, you know who is sitting on which table and you can send this to your wedding planner and whoever else may need it.

Now, we know how to do the process but its placing the people in the right seats. My advice is to not take advice from family!! IT IS YOUR WEDDING DAY. If mum announces that Aunt Maureen has requested to sit near the ‘front’, don’t feel obliged to agree. If you are worried about seating people near the loo’s, or the ‘back’ then please don’t worry. There is no such thing! People think because they aren’t near the top table, relatives or friends may get offended. I have never experienced this and I can almost guarantee, that even if Aunt Maureen walks into the wedding breakfast and is sat at a table furthest away from the top table, she will still have a wonderful time. After all, she will be surrounded by her lovely family. During the wedding breakfast, your guests are too busy enjoying their delicious food and wine to realise where they are sat from the top table. The only time they will focus is during the speeches.

It’s a good idea to sit your wedding party together if possible. A table of bridesmaids, groomsmen and their partners. It looks great for photos, and as they have been such a big part of your day it’s nice to continue that. Also if you sit them on the tables nearest the top table this can help avoid any tension, you haven’t chosen Aunt Joan to be closer to you than Aunt Maureen. Instead your men and maids are close by.

If you have a family with a few feuds, we suggest mixing family members and friends at each table. Old friends will know your family and it’s nice for them to sit and have a nice chat about old times. Just make sure your friends don’t get Nan and Grandad too drunk 🙂

Another tip is mixing those who met on your hen and stag parties, let’s face it, after a weekend of partying, strangers will no longer be strangers! This may also include work colleagues. If you are still concerned, don’t forget, your guests are sociable adults so never be afraid to mix tables, you are the common ground that will start conversation between them and it should flow from there.

If you have children at your wedding, it’s a good idea to provide entertainment for them, a party pack for a child will go a long way and each person on that table will always be grateful.

Although the wedding breakfast is a huge part of your wedding, just remember it is not the whole day, just a few incredible hours. The people you sit together at each table do not have to be stuck at the hip for the rest of the evening.  So chill out and relax, every part of planning a wedding should be enjoyed.