Personal Styling

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make you feel amazing

At Blossom Big we have an eye for detail, we are creative and we know the latest trends. We pride ourselves on making our customers feel confident. When it comes to personal styling it is a case of taking people out of their comfort zone but making you feel great doing it. We are always professional but have often built friendships with our personal customers who return to us to create them a winter wardrobe after receiving endless compliments on their summer wardrobe. If you need a helping hand with style, not sure what suits you or where to shop, please get in touch. We are here to make you feel amazing.



All women are beautiful, no matter what shape you are. Our job is to make you feel a million dollars. Whether you haven’t updated your wardrobe for a while, you hate shopping, or have simply lost your style, we will help you find the new you, and most likely feel and look younger. From that first date dress, night out with the girls or every day wear we will refresh your look.

Each and every client is different, and we treat you that way too. We can see you at home first, meet for coffee or hit the shops straight away.



Guys, if you are looking for that perfect fitted suit, don’t know what to wear on a first date, or fed up wearing the same jeans and T-shirt, Blossom Big are here to help. Men need help with styling just as much as anyone else, and hiring a stylist should not be something to be shy about. We will help you look sharp, confident and on trend.

Personal styling is exactly that, give us a call and we can figure out your personal needs and where to hit the shops.


New Figure

If you’ve worked endlessly hard to get in shape and now stuck on what to wear, Blossom Big will help find the new you. Or maybe you’ve just bought an amazing new bundle of joy into the world and want to feel fabulous again; we can help you do that. Or maybe you’ve finally ditched that diet you’ve been on forever and wish to embrace your body; we will make you feel confident in your clothes. Any which way, it’s all about the right clothes to make you feel confident and we pride ourselves on getting it right.

Please get in touch to embrace the new you.


New Job

You’ve finally got the job you’ve been hoping for and want to make the first impression perfect; after all they do say people make their minds up within seconds. Why not let Blossom Big help you find that perfect work wardrobe, full of diverse necessities that will make you feel confident and help you blossom into your new career.

Prices may vary depending on location. Approx £35 per hour.